A Dragon king in Sleepy Pride Rock 2016 

Close-Up, 2016

“Rape” at the Piccadilly Circus 2016

 A prose, a song, a poem- look yonder  2015

This and many more, 2013

“Is your past my immediate future” 2010-12

I want to tell you something 2011-12

“Say it as it is,” 2010 

Oracle 2010-2011

The Greater G8 Advertising Market Stand 2009

When the private became public, 2008“


The air between two women,” 2008

Whose privacy 2008-10

Road Map 2007

“Can you see…, Can you hear”  2006-08

Lamentations  2006

Loud Silence 2005-2007

Senseless Wars 2005

Ongoing projects +++


Close-Up is an installation with sound elements revolving around salt rocks that, over a period of time, undergo a process of liquefaction. Close-Up makes reference to the bodily fluids of humans, minerals found in landscapes and the historical significance of salt as a means of exchange. The melting and trickling of the salt is a slow, timed, and amplified process that ultimately leads to relief on the one hand and extinction on the other. More images