I am here!Here, look here please

I just woke up, 

the noise has been muffled by the falling snow

it is so quite all around me.

I now stand in front of the window

blowing air from my mouth making tiny

mist on the glass...

Nobody sees me 

it is so white outside like a flood sugar that came from

my grandmother's sugar farm a long time

ago it seems now.


I should not have mention the word, we made an oath not

to say it. It, i mean the sugar, ever since we were forced 

to move from our land. Grandmother's frail body could not

make it she died on the way... after a very long journey without a 

destination... non had tested It, in many months


I have forgotten the smell and it has become foriegn to my tongue 

I am alone now, our people are of plants

the god of the sea is hungry for our people. he swallows all

it only me now, can you see me, i am here watching you from inside

Am i invisible. I walk through the streets the are so many colours everyone is wrapped in so many colours, the buildings are wrapped with

colours they form mirage into my eyes, my shoulder hang down.. 


 I am back at the window, everyone is busy on the 

 road outside they curry special plants of the sun god

 Can not see me from here?..

 should i scream for them to see me, to hear me,

 to tell them about my grandmother and how

 she made thousands loafs of bread for a whole village

 at this time of the year, how the village would gather to

 dance, to music, to share secrets of traditions now and before


To tell them how my people are of desert, of plants, how they danced

to great harvest, the olives, grapes, aubergines cotton, sesame, wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas, sugar beets,  

To tell them my people were not of the sea,

that my people were swallowed by the sea god

Maybe i should scream so loud for them to here me,

Hello i am here, can you see me, i here, here

see, look here, please look up here.. i am here.


© 2016 Anawana Haloba