My legs have tired for so long

My mouth has been tied for tongue refuses to move


Yet I go on with life with life, I make you food

And you swallow it all.


My eyes tires by all they have seen. All the injustice,

the rape, of the body, the soul, mind, dignity.

My ears have deafened by all the have heard, all the said and 

the unsaid in all the corners of space


Yet I still pay no attention to your unrepentant ego. In the sequined

light of day you pretend to lead the blind, yet you suffer from a chronicle

sight disease. In darkest black of night I comfort you from your

cries like an infant. My linens are soaked from your tears of self-pity

and not know. Come dawn you are a new man read to take the

bull by its horns.


Aha tufiakwa! Not anymore will I let my soul become heavy laden.

At dawn of day my will is unveiled it says enough is enough….

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, look into my eyes

Take a long look into my eyes..


© 2012 Anawana Haloba