An Elegy Humming

Hummmm…… hummm…….

Like an ancestral drawing engraved in the earth.

The same ancestral drawing you go around admiring.

Oh! look at that beautiful mountain range, Oh! look at that sun baked earth 

so geometrically designed. just amazing! 

I did not know that trees were so connected to wind, 

And could move so gracefully to the sounds as she blows her songs of passion.

Even now when wind is so angry because her once upon a time free home in which she would blow, pause

Laugh at man as she would tease him by blowing on the sides of his skeleton, blow against him when he moved 

upward. Blow on his back as he climbed down a hill so he could build strength in his limbs, printing, his feet in the heart of the earth. 


Hummmm….. hummm…….. 

Sometimes even scare him a little and laugh. Then comfort him by caressing his face and hair with a fresh 

breath making his hair stand on the top of his Head like the skin of a thornious fruit. 


Angry at the fact that the same free home she once knew is now filled with tall stiff blocks imitating trees 

Which breath out toxic breaths choking and blinding her as as she tries to blow and spread her wings.

Hence bumping herself on the sides of the tall stiff block, some with rough surfaces that scratches her..

Leaving her with bruises that are painful, painful bruises that infect all her relations causing some unknown incurable disease.

Hummmm……. Hummmmm


The stiff blocks have spread almost everywhere  covering every room.

Just like in my mother's childhood game as she and her friends covered the ground earth surface

Of their children playing court with almost geometric drawings reclaiming their wish to 

have taller trees in her parents yard and leaving almost no space for their tiny legs.


Kuluna akuna kota yetelele

Kuluna akuna kota yetelele

Kuluna akuna kota yetelele


We don't have a tall tree in our yard

We don't have a tall tree in our yard

We don't have a tall tree in our yard


Hummm….. hummmm

Painful bruises that have infected most of wind's relations with incurable diseases, 

That sometimes his own blood older siblings winter, spring, autumn, and summer have absconded from visiting. 

Making the present visiting sibling over staying causing man in some rooms of the home to count years as 

"then the first drought led to the second drought and the second to the third, the third to the fourth drought".


 Causing man in other rooms of the home become lean, weak, and losing his bond with the earth.

Making him walk like a river that has fear to meander and be adventurous to discover the secrets of the dark 

forest around it. Because it is afraid that it may face a treacherous terrain of stubborn rocks entangled

with some other stubborn  roots immersed in an old fight that the ancestors has found difficult to resolve.

So it instead flows in a straight line through the smooth mud and fragile sand of the earth and 

imposing on itself rules of line that do not exist in its nature or intellect. Revealing its weakness.


Hummm………. hummmm….

In other rooms of the home where the tall stiff blocks that imitate trees and breathing long long long strand of toxic

breath. Man moves fast in all directions, fighting with his own subconsciousness that is becoming more and more active.

His rooms are becoming more and more loud, moving from sounds of branches of trees hitting each other in a happily

game competition on which one can produce the loudest scream to alien metallic sound that leave ears def.


 Hummm….. Hummmm……. Hummm


© Anawana Haloba 2009