The sun heats our journey

the path shimmers into mirage.


Meerkats marvel at the fall of an elephant,

waddling like penguins, they observe

the squabbles of hyenas and vultures

who have not yet heard the elephant’s falling thud.


I am silenced by thunder as I walk upright

my legs feel the weight of my body’s stance.


Who has heard the cry of a snail- the impoverished dog

that swims with its salivating tongue, 

has its’ bark muted by constant drooling.


The journey ahead is the path left behind.

I have traced the route through the standing cobs.


The handsome steel seat hand-in-hand, newly wed, 

freshly minted secrets to share for eternity


The mirage breaks into glistening labyrinths.

Now, the rain will come.

The snails are out and about, amok in anticipation.


Now, the rain will come.

Now, the rain will come.


© 2016  Anawana Haloba